It all started when we bought our Irish wolfhound Shamrock Golden Ginger: a life shared with and dedicated to dogs. Along the way our paths crossed many different breeds, including Great Danes, Boxers, Jack Russels, Cairns, Norwich and Scottish Terriers, and then we discovered a particularly sympathetic breed, the American Bulldog.
Our American Bulldogs live with us in our home. They are tolerant toward one another and the other various dogs in our house, from a Great Dane to our Jack Russels, as well as all the other residents of the house including our grandsons of 4 and nearly 3 years old. Being good with children is an absolute condition for us when it comes to our dogs. After all, no one wants a dog that can’t be trusted around children.
The dogs get a lot of love, attention and exercise and they are free to run around our grounds.
Our kennel, which was certified by the Kennel Club “Raad van Beheer” in 1983, occasionally produces litters from good pairs as we strive to improve the quality of the breed and guarantee standards of character, health and beauty.
Our pups are sold with the guarantee that, if a hereditary disease should appear within one year, we will compensate you with a pup of the same sex and type but from another litter. No customer has yet claimed this guarantee in all the years we have been breeding dogs.
If you’d like more information about our dogs, would like to view them or if you are looking for a boarding kennel, phone us to make an appointment.

Henny and Susan Gorel
Barkhoornweg 2        9591 TR Onstwedde
phone 06 4243 4661 or 06 1384 0765.